Teach Kids to Code at An Early Age

Technology has been the most infectious manifestation on earth in the past few decades. People of every age group are now engrossed in technology. Gadgets are the platform where technology finds a room. Through electronic media, it gains its power. And people are the keen spectators of the evolving technology.

However, the revolution of technology has started from the invention of computers. The computer is said to be humanity’s greatest invention. If not it can replace the human brain, it is completely capable of doing all the thinking that a human brain does. Starting from calculation to computation it can do all the functions of a human brain provided it is operated by one!

Kids Coding Camps

Moreover, by the advent of computer application software, the users could perform coordinated tasks and activities even more swiftly. Users have computers for internet surfing, statistical computation, data entry and making presentations. Children can use the computer for various other purposes like playing computer games, making school presentations, writing essays and many more.

By using a computer at a tender age, the children are now aware and informed about technology much before parents do. The youth and children are in fact more promptly using the computer and technology. Children are mostly using the computer for playing computer games. The game developers have designed games for all age groups starting from toddler to teenagers.

They spend lavish hours on the internet and are also getting deprived of the real world. But apart from all the uses of computer and information technology, the most recent innovation is seen in the field of coding! Yes, you got it right. The researchers have now developed Kids Coding Languages. Kids are propelled to learn the science of programming and are hence trained for the future in advance.

Kid Friendly Programming Language Campus - Sg Code Campus

Benefits of Coding camps for Kids

The researchers say that kids are the new face of technology and by infiltrating the genes of technology at a tender age, kids will well cope with the technology and bring laurels. There are special kids Coding camps that hire researchers and programmers to instill the zeal for technological studies. The researchers and programmers believe in empowering tech education in children for better growth in future.

They spend their time and energy in building programming codes and languages that can be taught to kids easily. The camps are conducted as per the suitability of the children. Like in the vacation time or mostly during the holidays so that children enjoy the learning and not overburdened by academic pressure. These camps provide the real-life solution to the kids and keep them engaged through informal learning.

Therefore it can be wisely said that- gone are those days when your kids had to only play games in computers, now there are noble things to do! Keep your kids engaged in these coding camps and give them an exposure to the world of technology and information science at a tender age. For kids are the future of our country, let them be empowered with technology!

Start To Code Now And Change The World With Your Efforts

In the recent scenario, everything is coded, and behind the screen, there is a person who is changing the world as per his/her wish. No one knows who is trying to do what, but they are just going with the flow and accepting the changes that are trending in the market. With the rise in the shift in the marketplace, the demands are also rising and force the developers to think out of the box.

The question that strikes every single mind is that who is a coder, he/ she might be a god, and otherwise, it is impossible to design certain things that allure your eyes. For example, when the new smartphones arrive in the market, people start to search for some particular things which will make their lifestyle easy and smooth to communicate with others. From where these features are coming is the first thing people often think.

Of course, developing the technical features are not so easy as it appears to be while operating the phones or any gadgets, rather, it needs a high level of understanding, excellent skills about the programming language as well as the interest of a person. Nothing is impossible in the world as everything is designed by humans.

They are the creator of every single thing that looks fashionable and unique to you. But, the thing that matters the most is the interest, which always takes a person to the maximum height where everything will be done as per their wish and rules. Therefore, coding has a strong relationship with every change, and it defines the reality of the world.

Why learn a programming language?

The programming language defines the relationship, semantics, and grammar that allow the programmers to communicate with the machines that they program by themselves efficiently. Learning the programming language has several purpose-it helps to instruct the computers what to do in it in a human-readable format, and allows the programmers to structure the information into procedures and functions.

programming course Singapore

There is a huge demand for the coders in the market and companies are searching for best coders as they are the trendsetter of this era. Every single change that are appearing in front of you like the online dresses, learning things from online platforms or anything that are related to the web services, are prepared by the developers who are working in the back-end, and they possess fabulous skills about programming language like Python and much more.

Kid Coders Singapore provides the best opportunity to learn the coding tricks and ideas from the very initial stage as they are giving the classes to the kids so that their fundamental will be strong with the change in time. Programming language always provides a wide scope for the coders to explore the knowledge they have within themselves. But, one cannot get the ideas and tricks within few days or month.

Those who are working on the back-end are experts, and still, they try to learn new things whatever comes up on their way. They believe in learning and put their efforts to grab from every single opportunity they get. The Programming Course Singapore is providing best ways to learn new things which have now the maximum use for changing the world.

Give your kids best education to make them smarter

Proper education facility is the most important thing for every child. It is the education which makes the smarter and they understand the things easily. Science says the brain of a child develops and capture things effectively during their childhood time this is the period when you need to expose your kids to a different type of education. Nowadays, computer education is the most vital thing for every child. It enhances the technical skill of children and also boosts their thinking capacity. So always give your kids best education.

Kids Programming Courses Singapore

Learning centres are the best option for your kids

Early childhood education is one of the major things that every parent thinks about their kids. Kids need some easy technique and simple process to understand certain things. If one tries the hard way, they will not get the point. So there is some special learning centre which will help your children.

If you want to find the best one, then search the best Kids Learning Center Singapore, and you will find a wide range of schools and learning centre for your kids. They focus on different teaching style and formats. Some learning centres use imitation and example method to teach children as they can capture and understand the things easily in this way.

kids coder singapore

Here the trainer or the teachers, make such environment where your kids can play and express their imagination in various forms of painting. Some learning centres offer coding courses where children get to know about coding process, and they also learn how to develop some basic applications. That makes them more intelligent and smarter. They learn advanced mathematics and science from their childhood.

Try different courses to enhance your kid’s brain capability

You can give a different type of courses to your children, like mathematics, computer science, science and more. But why to choose different courses when you can offer just one course that includes other courses. One such course is programming courses. If you want to take the best option for this, you can go for Programming Course Singapore. This is something very different than another type of courses. Programming Course Singapore.

Coding Courses Singapore

They use hybrid teaching style like hybrid discussion and demonstration model. They usually take a few children to keep the class small. It helps to give proper attention to every child, and after the end of the calls, every student will get enough time to clear their doubts. They use some modern types of software which make the studies enjoyable. The software enables some interactive slides presentations for better interaction.

It enables the teacher to look after the students in real time and if they type something wrong the teacher can rectify that immediately. Programming courses motivate children to work together where they exchange their ideas and expose with other. This also helps them in socializing with each other.

However, you can find many children learning centre which will offer you programming courses. But always remember that this is not enough to give a good programming course. Find the best one under which your kids will get enough to learn and enhance their brain power. They offer different courses for different age group like from age 8-12 and age 13-18. Children learn faster than others.


How To Choose An Efficient Learning Center For Kids?

If your kid has keen interest in the coding and programming languages, then probably you should find him an efficient training center. In this present era, it has been observed that the small age kids are highly interested in the technical stuff and knowledge. Thus, to fulfil the desires of kids, the parents also prefer to admit their kids in the reputed training institutes.

The reputed kids learning center Singapore realised the rising interest of the small kids and accordingly have designed necessary training classes. As the kids are small, it is very important to ensure their admission in the reputed training centers or else both time and money will be wasted. To help you finding the best learning center in Singapore, here we have arranged some important considerations.

Sg Education Programming Language

  • Experienced trainers – To make the learning program easy and convenient for the kids, the experienced trainers create an interesting environment. Well, if the learning environment is not attractive and effective, then it’s obvious the kids will start losing interest from the coding classes. Thus, it is the responsibility of the teachers to develop a proper surrounding to teach the technical stuff. Once the teachers manage to attract the interest of the kids towards the coding concepts, then it’s pretty easy for the teachers to teach the students. So, first you have to make sure that the institution has hired experienced and qualified trainers, who have the ability to teach the small kids. Well, it has been observed that the reputed institutions have hired the IT professionals with 20 years of coding experience. Apart from that, the behaviour of the trainers is also investigated during the interview process.
  • Small class size – When the strength of the class is small, it is feasible for the trainers to pay attention to every student in the class. But if the class size is more, then the trainers face difficulties in managing the coding classes. The reputed kids robotic learning center in Singapore greatly ensures the teacher-student ratio ranging from 1:5 to 1:8. So, in a single class, not more than 8 kids are allowed. On an average, the classes are maintained for 1 – 1.5 hours, thus the teachers get enough time to interact with every student in the class.
  • 1 MacBook per student – The small kids have always a serious weakness regarding the technology-based stuff. To ensure proper learning of coding concepts, the reputed institutes in Singapore are offering Macbook for every individual kid. Literally, only practical based learnings are ensured at the reputed centers. Thus, the kids don’t have to worry for anything and should effectively concentrate on the learnings.
  • Clear learning roadmap – To avoid any confusion during the learning program, the reputed institutes have designed a specific roadmap. For kids with age 8-12, a separate training module including the introduction to python is designed, where as for kids with age 13-18, are subjected to core versions of python along with mobile development learnings.

If you are witnessing the above factors in an institutes, then you can ensure the admission of your kid.

Coding classes at the reputed institutes in Singapore

Nowadays the kids are very smart and have a high interest towards the programming knowledge. In Singapore, it has been observed that kids of age 7-8 years are learning the coding languages in the institutes. Yes, if your kids have active interest towards the technology and programming languages, then it’s now feasible to ensure them appropriate training.

Programming Course Singapore

There are some professional institutes which are offering Children learning programs Singapore. The main objective of these institutes is to provide necessary learning to the children, mainly at the early ages. They realized the growing interest for coding languages among the children and accordingly started to offer the necessary teachings.

If you are admitting your kid at a reputed institute, then your kid can learn different coding languages and can maintain the career accordingly, on an effective path. To kick all your doubts, here we have arranged some important facts regarding the coding training at the reputed institutes.

Experienced instructors –

The instructors who are arranged at the reputed institutes carry more than 20 years of experience on their shoulders. They are greatly associated with the web & web development works and have completed their degrees from the top universities. Thus, they have a good knowledge of the coding languages. Again, they perfectly know how to deal with the interest of the kids. So, their first target is to attract the interest of the kids towards the class.

Low-class size –

The reputed institutes, which offer training for programming course Singapore, have maintained low-class size knowingly. They allow a maximum of 8 students in the class. The ratio of teacher and kids is always maintained around 1:5 or 1:8. Because of low-class size, it is feasible for the trainers to pay proper attention to every kid. The trainers greatly understand the weakness and strength of the kids and accordingly manage the teachings for every kid.

MacBook for every student –

The kids have a great weakness towards the laptops. So, to attract the kids towards the coding languages, the reputed institutes in Singapore offer MacBooks to the kids. Where the other institutes provide one mac book for ten students and force them to learn to code in 1 laptop, the reputed institutes provide MacBook to every single student in the class. With the help of MacBook, it is also easy for the kids to understand and code the programs.

Clear learning Roadmap –

The reputed institutes in Singapore understand the learning ability of the kids and accordingly have designed the roadmap. For 8-12 year kids, a separate module of coding training is designed, which mainly include basics of scratch and python. For 13-16 year students, the coding training includes python abstraction, PyGame, JavaScript, and mobile applications. Again, the classes are maintained as per the compatibility of the kids.

Thus, if you found a reputed institute, which is offering the above benefits, then you can immediately admit your kid in the institutes, for coding and programming training.

Most Popular and Effective Learning Platforms

Understanding Computer science is becoming quite essential in today’s world. The national competitiveness depends upon your ability to educate the children which becomes critical sometimes especially in the case of your child.

Here at SG Education Programming Language, the platform through which your child will go through is unique and interesting which not only develops your kids but also creates interest in learning skills through various modes of coding methods and with the usage of gadgets.

kid coders Singapore

If you are looking for a Kids Robotics Learning Centre, then this is the center that you will find all age groups learning classes and here, the instructors belong to the top universities. The courses offered here are much tailored and are cost-effective. The methods used at the campus not only improve the efficiency and knowledge of your kid but also empowers him to solve real world problems.

Unlike other institutes that offer classes built around initial coding environments like the scratch, SG education programming Language you get courses offered in sequences that are designed for younger students a clear, gradual development to a complete featured programming language- Python.

Why Do You Need To Learn Python?

Python is a general-purpose, resourceful and popular programming language. It is counted as a first language because it is brief and easy to read, and it is a suitable language to have in any programmer’s stack as it can be used from the scientific applications to web development, and software development.

Python is an easy learning programming language that you would understand that soon when you look at the commands. Most of the syntax and commands are inspired by real life common usage words. This makes it quite easy to absorb the meaning and makes the learning process easy and fun.

The technology is changing pretty fast, and things need to be really interesting, efficient and engaging. In this era where Java could all alone manage to be the all over hit as a programming language followed by the beginners of C++, python could break in and get in position.

High Efficiency

The methods made by the Python are one of the best. These methods helped create cases that could be made to manage any new project without altering the application in any way. This makes Python a great and a better programming language as per efficiency. Python has a set of its own that is great.

Updated With Time

When a new technology comes, it stays on the market for some time, and later on, with time it gets backdated and outdated as something better approaches. Gradually the old one is lost in time. But when a new technology comes to the market, stays for a time period, gets accepted by the audience, and gets modified, and made stronger to meet more demands and get better with time. Python is also just the same because it has got a lot better with time, and developed more to get stronger efficient and popular.

Appropriate Learning Programs Designed to Create Proficiency for Kids at a Tender Age

Creating curiosity and a pleasant learning experience for a child

Children continuously go through a learning curve right from a very young age. Various learning programs offered to them at a tender age lay a foundation where they start developing their learning capabilities and skills to understand and think about different topics. At an early age from 3-10 years a child should be well exposed to various learning programs that lead them to a positive change that will help them develop a capability to understand, learn, retain, recall, visualize and apply their intuitive capacities and develop a positive behavioral relationship with others along with application of their knowledge. Their subject knowledge will automatically increase. They will be able to read, write and speak in a better way and will have a much better command over a language. Their usage of words and actions will rise above the level and they will feel much more confident about speaking on a particular topic as and when required.

Programs designed to expand the mental horizon of a child

There is grand availability of various enriching learning programs from scratch for the kids of a very young age to help them develop skills that will improve them as better and competent scholars with a better understanding in their minds about things around them. Programs are designed for preschool learners where kids are taught basic literacy in languages such as English (as it is widely used across the globe) and their mother language. Kids start interacting with their teachers, tutors, peers and get a valuable opportunity to play and experiment with themselves with little knowledge about their surroundings.

The programs are structured in a creative way to build awareness in the minds of the kids and support them with an environment that is healthy for their growth and there is room for improvement at every stage in their learning curve. Special programs are devised such as Writing programs, 3G Abacus programs, Scientist programs, Yoga programs, Mathematics programs, Artistic programs, Reading and Writing programs, and so on.

Various Tech and Robotic programming languages are made available

Special programs are designed for the kids to become tech-savvy with the new era Robotics and Programming languages. These courses are made available for the kids of different age groups such as 5 – 7 years. Various learning programs in Robotics are taught to these kids who simply enjoy the experience because the sooner they get to learn the better the outcome would be. The concepts are taught clearly and in a fun easy way with the help of various demonstrations and playful activities helping the kids get engaged in interesting concepts such as how physics allow motion, how solar poer works and how machines function.

Programs are designed to resolve academic issues

There are various Kids Robotics Learning Center in Singapore and across the globe that are build to help more and more kids by establishing a strong pillar of knowledge in their young minds and laying a foundation that is strong enough that will help create power in the child’s mind that will make him a better thinker and a performer. Enabling the kids with various tech and educational lessons will help them gain interest at a pretty early age so learning will become very easy for them. All types of limitations will be erased very easily and any complications in the child’s academic path will be exposed and countered right there and then helping the child cope up with his situation and win at last by addressing the issue.

6 Fun Games To Introduce Coding To Kids

Coding is the backbone of programming software, mobile apps and websites. So, getting a knowhow of this technology can prove to be highly beneficial for kids in the tech driven era. With exploding careers in the tech industry, countries like Britain have made coding mandatory in schools.

With the emergence of private creative learning center Singapore is keen to increase the number of kid coders by introducing coding in schools. Learning to code can benefit kids in the long run as they help kids learn critical decision making skills, analytical skills, enhance their creativity when they learn to create something from scratch.

Those kids who may not be ready to jump into the coding world right away, they can still get the hang of it by learning the basics in fun and accessible way. There are few games that can help kids try their little hands on programming actions.

Scratch Junior

It is a version of Scratch  that is available as a free Android and IOS app. This fun website lets kids create their own games and stories that is centered around the characters they make. They can add their own sounds and use series of programming blocks to dictate the actions of the characters. It is apt for kids aged 5-7.


It is a free IOS app. The concept of giving commands to the characters is similar to the other apps, however this game involves a lot more creativity than the others. Multiple characters can be added in this game and older kids can program actions and create their own stories around their code.

Lightbot and Lightbot Jr

This game features some interesting aspects of programming. It is a puzzle game where one needs to light up all the tiles on a 3d grid on one run by programming the robot with a series of instructions. It is available for free on web browser and cost $3 on android/IOS apps. The junior app is apt for kids aged 4-8 and 9+ kids can play the main version.


Kodable is a fun game for kid coders Singapore that has 100+ levels where the gamer needs to help a funny little alien navigate mazes on a new planet. The game teaches kids coding concepts like looping, debugging, conditions and functions. It is available for free on IOS, the pro version costs $7. It is suitable for kids aged 5-8.


Suitable for 6+ kids, robozzle is a social puzzle game that needs guiding a robot through series of maze with limited commands. Levels vary according to difficulty level and they can get pretty challenging for even seasoned coders. Its versions can be played on browsers for free, however prices may vary up to $2on IOS and android platforms.

Robot Turtles

Robot turtles is a board game that teaches kids programming basics without the use of any technology. It requires matching each turtle to a matching coloured jewel. The gamer is required to pick cards and there are twists and turns along the way to get the prize. It is designed for kids aged 4-8 and has turned to be a huge seller this holiday season.

Kids Today: The Future Of Technology

The swift advancement of technology has entered into a new era where digital literacy has replaced the age old definition of literacy today. To be more precise, coding is said to be the new typing. With the Singapore government aiming to become a smart nation, the demand for digital knowledge has surpassed adults and the kids have come into the forefront.

Living in a world of technology, no matter which field you choose to be in, technical skills are a requirement for lifelong success. Adults wished they started younger, so why not change that for the growing ones?


Introducing children learning programs Singapore is aiming higher by attempting to arm their young minds with the power of technology.

Parents as well as teachers today seem to encourage to develop technological skills in their kids. It’s a pity for those who assume kids seem to understand technology better than us and do not need professional training until they are old enough. However, the real concern is to equip them with true tech skills that benefit them and the society in the longer run.

It’s a shame schools do not include technological forte in their curriculum. While extra curricular activities like sports, playing the piano or joining ballet classes carry their own niche; however, in a tech hungry world, parents see the increasing demand of computational thinking and programming.

Comprehending the need for technological education for young minds, many professionals in this field have opened schools for the young minds and by coaching them on programming course Singapore is visualizing and edifying kids to go ahead of time and be the frontrunners of the nation.

If you believe otherwise, here’s what the rest of the world is thinking. The UK government has made programming and computing a mandatory part of primary education beginning this year.

So, you need to think twice if educating children about coding doesn’t fit in your brain.

Big IT experts believe that by introducing children to programming languages, they are trained better in clear and logical thinking and it could prove to be a valuable asset in everyday life as well benefit those who wish to pursue careers in any industry that deals with computers.

Moreover, this does not necessarily mean that coding should be the first choice for everyone. The basic idea is that like any other generally applicable subject in everyday life, coding should be introduced early to kids so that they aren’t left behind in this digital era and it can be added as a valuable weapon for their future

Keeping this in mind, many coding academies that earlier introduced only weekend classes have gone full time now. Those that began with holiday workshops have now make it a monthly affair because of the steep rise in the number of students. SG Code Campus is one of the many schools offering high demand programming courses in Singapore like Python, App Inventor, and Scratch to kids of different age groups.

No one is asking anyone to quit arts, music, French, Spanish or sports, however learning programming is a vital ingredient in your child’s overall education and can certainly enhance your child’s logical and critical thinking skills, it may certainly prove to be a means to an end. So, go ahead, help your child make the most of his time rather than playing video games and equip him with the power of technology. If he has got the aptitude, you surely won’t regret it.

Programming Courses for Kids and SG Code Campus

It is needless to mention that Singapore is a perfect place to start a new business unit. In the past few years, we have witnessed the corporate sector being flourished in Singapore. Therefore, the people’s inclination towards learning something professional has been increased in Singapore these days. The programming courses are undoubtedly among one of them without any second thought.

A number of institutions have been opened in Singapore these days. You can get programming course Singapore here for the individuals of different age groups. In these institutions, they can learn the programming language with ease as per your efficiency.

sg education programming language.jpg

Interestingly, there are the learning centers for kids also in Singapore. In these institutions, the classes are given from the small kids of age 5 to the teenagers of age 16. But, the classes are divided into different age group.

In the first age group, the classes are given to small kids of 5 to 7. This is the Level 0, in which the basic of coding is taught to the kids. Adventures in codes are taught to the kids in these classes. These are the types of trial classes, which are given to the kids.

At the next level, we find the courses for the kids from age 8 to 11. In this age, the kids start understanding a number of things, which the kids of small age do not understand. So, the Level 1 is given to kids, and this level also covers the basic level. This course starts from scratch. Scratch is given to the kids for building. Through scratch building, the kids start understanding logic, which his definitely needed in the programming languages. Thereafter, they are provided the small notebooks or laptops. In this age group, children learn from Level 1 to Level 5.

The next course is for the teenagers from the age 12 to 16. The advanced level classes are given to the kids at this level. The complete principles of coding are taught to the children in the course of this age group. This course includes Level 1, Level 2, Level 3P, Level 3J, Level 4P and Level 4J.

You can avail all these courses with ease with the help of the institutes, many of which have their online presence also. SG Code Campus is a perfect kids learning center Singapore, where you can enroll your kids these days. This institute offers all the courses as mentioned above. You can get the info about this institute on the official website of this institute. Recently, this institute has started the Level 0 for the kids from the age 5 to 7.

The institute comprises of the expert team, which provides the perfect training to the children. The staff members have the qualification in different areas. They are M.Sc. and B.Sc. in the streams like Electrical Engineering, Management Science & Engineering, Financial Engineering, International Relations, Accounting & Finance, Economics, Quantitative Finance and Computer Science Minor.

It is hoped that your kids will get the ideal qualification with the help of SG Code Campus and other institutions in Singapore.